Aloha EMV Pay at Table Solutions

Waiter taking a paymentWhen it comes to Aloha EMV pay at table solutions, our team can advise you on which set up is the right solution for your restaurant. We advise and implement solutions for cafes, diners. small restaurants, large restaurants, multi-chain franchise restaurants and even restaurants that need a combined pay at the table and counter service solution. Some of the available solutions include a wireless Verifone or Ingenico credit card terminal or the latest pay at the table hand held devices that integrate with Aloha, POSitouch and Oracle, which we are one of the few to be able to offer. This solution even has auto tip adjust so staff does not have to manually do tip adjust at the end of each shift. This is a HUGE time and cost saver and eliminates errors.

See how we can help you with your business by providing Aloha EMV pay at table solutions and lowering your monthly credit card processing bill. Our credit card processing solutions protect the credit card holder’s personal financial info since it is encrypted and transmitted directly to the processor’s servers, instead of passing through the  POS system where the data might be stored. Most major credit card data breaches take place at the POS system level. Case in point was the large data breach Micros suffered.By the way we also have a Micros EMV solution.

Click the bar below or contact Joe at 203-599-1928 for additional information. We are happy to help small businesses as well as larger multi-location businesses. Our competitive pricing and exceptional service have earned us an exceptional reputation in the industry.

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Contact us for information on Aloha EMV pay at table solutions that fit with your business. Also, some of the features include loyalty programs and CRM tools so you can monitor customer satisfaction and deal with issues before an unhappy patron decides to post on social media.

We are a full solutions providerWe provide a free analysis to all businesses (wherever they are located), and can help businesses with Aloha EMV Pay at table solutions they might not be aware of or that have hidden fees or lock-ups that the sales agent either didn’t explain or worse didn’t even know about himself. We provide restaurant owners, IT directors and CFOs  with the information they need to understand the various Aloha EMV solutions that fit their current POS system so they can accept “chip cards” even if their current POS system is swipe only.

The three available solutions we advise restaurants and hotels on are the following:

►   stand alone EMV terminals;

►   EMV terminals that fully integrate with Oracle Micros 3700, 9700, Simphony 1 and Simphony 2; and

►   wireless pay at the table solutions that fully integrate with Aloha, Micros, POSitouch, InfoGenesis and Dinerware 3.0+.

These NCR Aloha EMV pay at table solutions save them fees associated with non-PCI compliance, chargebacks associated with counterfeit credit cards and even charge back related to friendly fraud. We consider ourselves experts when it comes to advising merchants on various POS solutions no matter which particular system they are using and can advise them on which point of sale system may be right for their particular business. We provide merchant processing solutions to all size businesses across multiple business sectors such as restaurants, dry cleaners, liquor stores, healthcare professionals, pet care and various retail stores, to name a few.

Our clients know they can count on us as their payments industry expert, consultant and adviser. See how we can help you with your business.


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Joseph LaRoccoJoseph LaRocco, our East Coast Regional Director located in Stamford, CT, has advised numerous businesses on security issues and loss prevention related to credit card fraud. Businesses should be aware that processors are now raising rates and charging merchants more for processing if they do not comply with the new EMV guidelines and upgrade to the new terminals for processing chip cards. Through our processors, we are currently one of the few groups able to offer what are low cost Aloha EMV pay at table solutions for the Micros 3700 series and Micros 9700 series of POS systems commonly used in the restaurant industry.

If you are looking for some advice on Aloha EMV pay at table solutions, feel free to give us a no obligation call and we will be in touch with you promptly. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide a free analysis and quote to reduce your monthly costs.