California Zero Cost Processing Analysis

Zero Cost Credit Card Processing Analysis Flow Chart

Quick example:  If Bob’s Auto Body is currently paying $800 per month in merchant processing fees, with our zero cost program you would only be paying about $100 per month to cover the processing of debit cards, PCI compliance, terminal/software and an account maintenance fee.  That’s a savings of about $700 every month, which is over $8,000 year!!!

Standard Monthly Fees:

Monthly Statement Fee                            $10.00
PCI Compliance Fee                                 $15.00
Credit Card Terminal/Software Fee      $35.00
Total                                                           $60.00

Onboarding Process

Step 1.  Application is signed and submitted for approval.

Step 2.  Once approved, we then register the merchant with the major card brands.

Step 3.  We give you the proper disclosure signage for instore and online payments.

Step 4.  You can accept payments via our approved terminal, by entering them on your computer through our secure payments page or even through your smart phone, since the software and payments page are mobile friendly.

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