Free Wireless Credit Card Terminals

VX680 Wireless Credit Card Terminal
Verifone VX680 Wireless Credit Card Terminal
Ingenico iWL255 Wireless Terminal
Ingenico iWL255 Wireless Credit Card Terminal

We are now offering free wireless credit card terminals to businesses that process at least $5,000 monthly in credit card transactions and process through us. We offer a choice of two different wireless terminals to choose from, which are discussed below. If you run a retail business, a restaurant with counter service or just prefer a dsl terminals instead we can still provide you with free dsl credit card terminals as well.

According to EMV guidelines, wireless terminals are now required for businesses that are not set up to accept payment from customers at the counter, such as restaurants with table service. The good news is that table service restaurants will benefit from using one of our free wireless credit card terminals at the table because:

   Wireless terminals give customers a better feeling of security since they control their credit card while the payment is being processed; and

  The restaurant owner will appreciate faster table turnover without customers being annoyed having to wait 10 minutes or more for their waiter or waitress to come back with their credit card and bill to sign (we have all been there).

Please feel free to contact us about obtaining one of our free wireless credit card terminals and merchant processing analysis to help you save money every month.

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In addition to this free wireless credit card terminal program we also offer businesses a program that includes free dsl credit card terminals. Our free wireless credit card terminal works like this:

      1.  Click the bar above which will take you to our “Merchant Processing Request Form” for you to fill out;

      2.  Someone will then contact you to discuss your current rate and how we feel we can reduce your current rate to save you money on your monthly costs;

      3.  Once we discuss these rates, we will send you our application and go through it with you before you sign; and

      4.  We will put in writing that there are no multi-year contracts, no early termination fees and there is no monthly fee associated with the free wireless credit card terminals, however, you must return the terminal or terminals to us (postage prepaid by you) if you ever stop processing with us.

Recommended Wireless Terminals


Our most dependable free wireless credit card terminals is the VX 680 which is equipped with a powerful processor for ultimate processing speed. This terminal is a small, full-function, portable, handheld payment device with a large 3.5″ touch display screen of vibrant color. It is durable and adaptable for different merchants and the most demanding retail environments. The VX 580 relies on the AT&T network for its internet connection.

One of the benefits to restaurant merchants using the wireless terminals like the VX 680 is that it facilitates table turnover so customers don’t have to wait long at the end of their meal to pay.  Since it keeps tables moving, it can improve restaurant revenues by filling tables more quickly, with less of a chance of waiting customers leaving because of a long wait to get seated. This wireless terminal is backed by the VX Evolution platform. Gift cards, loyalty-building, and value-added applications are supported as well and it offers maximum security and compliance with end-to-end encryption.

The main factor when considering the use of a wireless terminal like the VX 680 is its connectivity, which can be affected by the location and physical structure of your building. For instance, if you have a restaurant in the lower level of a building with small rooms and lots of walls and concrete you may not get very good connectivity, regardless of which wireless credit card terminal you use. Specifically designed to meet the needs of restaurants and merchants on the move, this is a full-function, portable payment processing terminal that provides versatility and outstanding performance, as does the rest of the Verifone line of terminals. Businesses from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurants will benefit from wireless connection options, fast processing speeds and the reliability and security of the proven VX platform.

The VX 580 delivers wireless connection through GPRS or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo or 3G. It accepts EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and also supports mobile payments with Verifone’s near field communication (NFC) software technology, which is increasing in customer usage each year, another good reason for taking advantage of using one of our free wireless credit card terminals.

The VX 680 while being ideal for wireless EMV processing in restaurants is also well-suited to be used outside at county fairs, weekend farmer’s markets and nurseries. It can also be used by delivery services and service businesses that are in the field such as traveling veterinarians, plumbers, electricians and carpenters.


Another popular choice among our free wireless credit card terminals is the Ingenico iWL255 which features 3G cellular technology and delivers enhanced network quality of service. Designed specifically for mobility, the iWL 255 provides extended battery life, in a lightweight, robust, compact-sized design and features a wide backlit keypad for outstanding display readability inside or outdoors.

The iWL 255 accepts EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless, as well as enables new NFC couponing and e-wallets. In most cases, the iWL 255 is designed to run all day in the most active retail environments. Multicom capabilities ensure smooth integration of the iWL 255 into multi-device solutions. The iWL 255 meets the highest security requirements and is PCI PTS 2.x and 3.x certified with SRED & Open protocol modules.

Terminals for all Industries

Over the years we have helped businesses of all sizes in numerous industries. They have included the food and beverage industries, chambers of commerce, financial services industry, nonprofits, the healthcare industry, retail industries, the pet care industry and internet related industries. We have even helped businesses that were bricks and mortar only, internet only, and both a combination of bricks and mortar, internet and telephone orders with card not present. In some cases we have saved individual businesses thousands of dollars in processing costs in just one calendar year. We are now interested in helping them even farther with offering free wireless credit card terminals for restaurants and all other industries as well.