Micros EMV SolutionThere is now a Micros EMV solution thanks to recent software developments. In fact, there are several, including a Micros EMV pay at table solution that we feel may be one of the best solutions yet. We are advising our clients on these software integrated processing solutions to see which one they feel best fits their business and physical layout. Understanding the importance of providing security to the thousands of existing Micros point-of-sale systems currently in the marketplace, two of the processors and software companies we work with took a major step and are currently the only processors that are able to provide a Micros EMV solution to merchants. In late 2014, Oracle Corp. made a strategic move and purchased Micros Systems, Inc., the leading POS system in the United States.

One of the key steps involved in meeting EMV guidelines required processor and software companies to work with Micros to integrate the gateway so the terminal could securely and easily communicate with Micros POS systems in the food and beverage industry. There is now a secure point to point encrypted (P2PE) solution to help merchants avoid charge backs reduce their risk.

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EMV SolutionWhile Elavon was the first processor to partner with Oracle and provide a true Micros EMV solution to merchants First Data now provides one as well, known as FreedomPay.  Both solutions provide the “gateway” or “link” between the credit card terminal and the processor and provide the tokenization for added security when confirmation is transmitted back from the processor to the restaurant. As a result, the ordering, payment and credit card processing functions take place securely and seamlessly with one integrated EMV solution. Elavon is one of the major processors in North America and is known for its competitive pricing and exceptional customer support.

The credit card data is protected since the proprietary software scrambles the customer’s credit card information so it is not stored or processed in the Micros POS. This encryption provides the needed security and safety to guard against data breaches at the POS station. As a result of this encryption the cardholder’s credit card information cannot be memory scraped and stolen.

The Micros EMV solution is enabled by a certified pre-loaded terminal that executes the security application, which in turn drives the fully encrypted authorization process. The credit card data is encrypted on the terminal at the time of the swipe or insertion of the EMV chip card. The encryption is used not only to scramble the credit card data to prevent the theft of information by fraudsters, but also to create a “token” for further protection when data is being transmitted between the terminal and the processor’s servers.

The credit card data is not stored or processed via the POS system, it remains encrypted in transit to payment servers and it is only decrypted at the processor’s secure data center.

Merchants will also be happy to learn that by using either of these secure solutions we offer, there will be no need for them to use an outside provider for the gateway.  No longer is the Merchant Link gateway required for processing and in many cases the merchant may actually be lowering his or her monthly processing costs.

Another benefit to merchants using either of our solutions is that their yearly PCI compliance questionnaire is simplified saving them extra time and making it easier for them to meet their compliance requirements.

Micros users can rely on us to provide the following features:

  • Encryption at initiation and during the payment authorization process;
  • Tokenization for additional security between terminal and the processor’s servers;
  • A true Micros EMV solution;
  • Use of these solutions we offer eliminates the need for the Merchant Link gateway;
  • Greatly reduces the yearly PCI compliance process; and
  • Great customer support and pricing from two leaders in merchant processing.

The highest percentage of data breaches and attacks came from POS intrusions. Terminals are viewed as more secure and many experts agree that processing should not take place at the POS level, but rather at the terminal level. Terminals utilize advanced algorithms contained on a chip card to authenticate that the card is legitimate and validly issued. Most POS systems require a credit card to be swiped for payment and cannot accept chip cards. Encryption is the only protection against currently prevalent malware at the point of sale.

In summary, these secure software applications provide a Micros EMV solution for restaurants  for the Micros 3700 series and Micros 9700 series of POS systems commonly used in the restaurant industry.  In the near future, these and other solutions will also be available for the e7QSR POS model for small restaurants, as well as the Simphony and Opera PMS platforms used in the hotel industry.

Please feel free to contact Joe LaRocco at 203-599-1928 for more information on how we can help you save money on your processing costs with a secure Micros EMV solution or one that fits your particular POS system.