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We offer a tremendous Partner Referral Program for businesses throughout the United States. It is open primarily to business people and professionals that advise small to large businesses that can benefit from our expertise regarding payment solutions of all types.

We advise businesses on reducing their monthly credit card processing expenses, also known as merchant processing fees, with the goal of significantly reducing their overall processing fees. This is done by examining the business’ current credit card processing costs, as well as their point-of-sale (POS) system and equipment leases.

We are especially interested in partnering with bookkeepers, payroll services, accountants, attorneys, business advisors, consultants, IT professionals, POS Systems sales agents, website developers and business brokers. The Partner Referral Program is open to all persons, however, especially those that have significant contacts in their community or friends and family that are business owners looking to reduce their merchant processing fees. Our team provides businesses with a free analysis and quote on electronic payment solutions.

We pay a generous recurring revenue commission to our referral partners. If you are interested, please contact Joe LaRocco at 203-599-1928 for more details.

Reasons for joining our Partner Referral Program:

Client Retention.  This should be the primary reason why you want to join our program if you are a bookkeeper, payroll service, accountant or business advisor. By offering your clients additional services to run their business and cut costs you are strengthening your relationship with them as a valued business partner and trusted adviser. We observe, ask questions and identify future issues for your client before they occur, so you maintain your client relationship longer. This is the number one reason why community banks, credit unions and other financial support service providers join our Partner Referral Program.

Recurring Revenue. This program provides our referral partners a monthly recurring revenue stream as long as the processing or other bundled service is being used by the referred merchant. We have a simple written agreement setting forth the terms of our Partner Referral Program. Each of our referral partners has their own personal access to online reporting regarding their referred clients so they can monitor our progress with their client referrals and track their monthly commission payments.

Education; EMV; PCI Compliance. We advise numerous businesses to help educate them on the ever changing world of electronic payments. For instance, are your clients aware of the EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) liability shift that takes place on October 1, 2015? Not only can we advise your clients or referrals on reducing their merchant processing fees, but we can advise them on the EMV liability shift that occurs on October 1, 2015, mobile payments, the latest American Express changes, review of their current POS system or one they are considering purchasing or leasing, saving $30.00 each month by meeting their PCI compliance obligation and financing options they might not have considered. We can advise them on the steps they should take to reduce their liability and risk and continually educate them on future regulatory developments. This is an especially helpful Partner Referral Program for payroll services.

Vertical Specialization. Our sales team is experienced and specialized in various product offerings for the food and beverage, retail, healthcare, financial services, pet care, auto services and online commerce sectors, to name a few. No matter which sector, we will discuss and strategize with you the best approach so you can be as involved in the process as you would like to be, it’s your choice. We also provide our expertise with regard to point of sale (POS) systems and gift and loyalty programs for large and small businesses.

Additional Sales Force. Our referral partners have the benefit of offering their clients a more drilled down consultative approach without the need of hiring additional employees. We work for you to help your clients understand the electronic payments industry so they can reduce costs and mitigate risk associated with accepting payment by credit card. Let our experienced sales team work for you to assist your clients.

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Our Partner Referral Program provides you with a great strategic partner to advise your clients. We provide professional services to your clients so they can reduce costs and stay up to date with the latest changes occurring in the electronic payments industry. As an added bonus there is the recurring revenue you receive in the form of a monthly commission that you can track online. Give us call and start the process today.

Delivering value and developing strong referral relationships, not transactions, one client at a time.