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At LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc. we know quite a bit about the restaurant and food and beverage industries.  A good number of our valued customers are single and multi-location restaurants. Not only do we provide to them the best service and pricing for their merchant processing needs, but we assist them in many other ways as well, such as POS system integration, pay at the table solutions, gift cards and and EMV solutions.

We have helped numerous restaurants, and other businesses as well, with saving thousands of dollars on their credit card processing bills. We have helped many restaurants, and other businesses as well, by taking the mystery out of understanding their monthly credit card processing statement and offering free wireless credit card terminals.  We then give a free written analysis of the rates they are currently paying for merchant processing and what rates we are able to provide them to reduce their monthly cost, sometimes significantly.

For example, one client we recently collaborated with was opening a new restaurant.  In addition to providing her with exceptional merchant processing, we also acted as a personal business-to-business connector by referring an insurance agent, a linen service, a general contractor, a payroll service, a food provider, and potential employees.  We have helped our clients by connecting them with fresh food vendors, liquor license expediters, attorneys, and accountants.  In some situations we have even identified locations for our clients to either start their restaurant or expand into new locations. As you can see, LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc. acts as a multi-dimensional support system for those in the restaurant and food and beverage industries.

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e612f6ae9cd17d464dba603f95c6e32cJohn LaRocca, our founder and president, is commonly known around Westlake Village as the “Wine Guy”.  Just ask him anything about wines, whether it is a recommendation for a collection of California Cabernets for your restaurant, a pairing to go with grilled tuna, or a medium bodied French wine . . . he’ll be happy to share his expertise and love of wines. He has also been great at helping non-profits with wine auction fund raisers and also assisting restaurants when it comes to identifying up and coming micro vineyards in Napa, Sonoma or Paso Robles.

Joseph B. LaRocco is our Northeast Regional Director.  He advises businesses not only on how to significantly reduce their credit card processing fees and expenses, but on other electronic payment solutions as well. These include a comparison of point of sale (POS) systems, payroll services, QuickBooks™ integration, financing options and even cost effective social media marketing.

At LaRocca, we pride ourselves on personal service and our sincere understanding of the business needs of our customers. If for some reason we are unable to offer you a better rate and terms for your merchant processing, we will let you know. We also can offer our expertise when it comes to the various wireless credit card terminals that are on the market. Most importantly, we will provide you with an in-depth review of your current agreement and offer you constructive advice that may assist you with your current merchant processor . . . regardless of whether or not you decide to switch to us. Our team would be glad to take a look at your current point of sale (POS) system and lend our expertise regarding current trends and what different POS Systems might be right for your large or small business needs.

When it comes to pricing and terms, large merchant processing companies may not always be as competitive as LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc.  Relying on their company brand and size, they may only offer you one plan including a full three-year contract and a monthly equipment rental fee.  As a small business owner is it in your best interest to pay more and be locked into a long-term contract?

Also, many large merchant processing firms employ numerous sales agents within call center operations.  Keep in mind that a lack of experience and personal expertise when advising a new business may result in higher rates to the business entrepreneur . . . the one who can afford it least.

If your business currently does not offer credit card purchases, please consider that most businesses accepting credit cards realize increased gross sales. This increase is largely due to the fact that their customers are no longer limited to the amount of cash held in their wallets.  Also, announcing that your business is “now accepting credit cards” is another great way to promote new business.  When one of our customers, a pizza restaurant, went head -to-head with their competition they learned of a significant offering differentiating them from their competition . . . credit cards.  Our customer offered credit card purchases, the competition did not.

To summarize, not all merchant processors are created equal and large merchant processors are not always better.  Please give LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc. the opportunity to provide you with a free, personalized merchant processing rate quote.  We are sure you will be happy with our professional staff, years of experience, and proven track record of loyal customers. Another example is what we feel is one of the lowest prices around for  paper used in credit card terminals to help save our clients money by using a specialCredit Card Terminal Paper  when ordering. We can even help restaurants, and other businesses as well, by sharing with them our knowledge and understanding of how to effectively use Social Media to promote and increase their business.

"Delivering value and developing strong referral relationships, not transactions, one client at a time."