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The LaRocca Integrated Solutions, Inc. (“LaRocca”) team has been providing large and small retail establishments, large and small, with professional advice and solutions for many years.  We not only help our retail merchants by providing them with the best service and pricing for their merchant processing needs, but we help them in many other ways as well.

One client we recently helped was opening a small retail lighting business.  Not only did we help with their merchant processing needs, but we acted as a business-to-business connector by referring them to a payroll service, a bank, an office location, an attorney, and an association with the local chamber of commerce.  We have also helped other retail business owners by connecting them with insurance agents, accountants, attorneys, website developers, and equipment leasing companies.  In some situations we have even identified locations for our clients to either start their new retail business or expand into new locations.

As you can see LaRocca acts as a multi-dimensional support system for merchants of all types in the retail industry.  We pride ourselves on our personal service and understanding the needs of our customers when it comes to merchant processing and other business needs.  If we cannot offer you a better rate and terms we will advise you accordingly, but in most cases we can reduce our fees and provide you with a better deal overall.

LaRocca will provide you with an in-depth review of your current merchant processing agreement.  For example, some businesses we have consulted with assumed they were locked into three year term contracts, with an early termination fee.  Upon careful analyses of their agreements we uncovered ways to give notice of early termination without an early termination fee.  This is the type of service we provide based on our experience and deep industry knowledge.  Also, we will offer you our advice regarding your current merchant processor even if you decide not to switch to LaRocca.  Feel free to contact us when ordering paper for your credit card terminals. We feel we have found one f the best providers of paper for terminals and POS systems to help save our clients money.

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Larger merchant processing companies may not always be as competitive as LaRocca when it comes to pricing and terms.  Also, due to their sheer size having a dedicated individual to guide you from contract to installation, through training and hands-on support, may prove to be impossible.  Consequently, you may find yourself with no more than a standard three-year contract, an “800” number for support, and monthly equipment rental fee.

These larger processing firms often use numerous sales agents much in the same way large calling center operates.  Lacking the experience to properly advise a retail business results in higher rates to the customer.  Overall, larger merchant processing firms seem to be less competitive.

Not all merchant processors are created equal and the bigger merchant processors are not always better.  Why should you pay more and get locked into a long-term contract?  Please give LaRocca the opportunity to give you a free merchant processing rate quote.  We are sure you will be happy with our professional staff, years of experience, and proven track record of loyal customers.

"Delivering value and developing strong referral relationships, not transactions, one client at a time."