John turned our profitability right side up. He created mobile processing for our events both on the East Coast and West Coast. He also followed up with a first month review of our statements and even explained the. No more mystery credit card statements! What a relief! Finally we have someone we can trust.

Habitat for Humanity, USA

John is the real dealio! He is accessible on the phone seven days a week and even picks up the phone on Sundays! He prevents all the customer service shuffles and helps me with any questions, as simple as they may be.

Retail Clothing Store, Westlake Village

I can’t believe it! I just started a new restaurant with two months until opening and was afraid I wouldn’t make it. Thanks to John’s resources, I was able to open on schedule with a great team of people that he referred me to for various roles, positions and services. I look forward to working with John’s referrals throughout my restaurant career.

Mexican Restaurant, Van Nuys, CA

I thought just saving money was what beating up credit card guys was all about. But, to be referred business every month by John was a complete and welcomed surprise. This is the best kind of partnership you can dream of. It is a win/win for everyone.

Glenn & Tony
Auto Repair Business Owner, Thousand Oaks, CA

John is a wine judge himself and therefore a perfect match for us. He came up with a wine dinner marketing program for restaurants and social media recommendations for us to use. We almost cannot handle all the business we get. What great insights he has shared with us and with forty years of experience John brings so much more to the table than just credit card processing. Thank you John.

Wine Store Owner, Studio City, CA

I know nobody better who has international wine judging abilities, speaks French and brings in customers to our restaurant for dinner. Every waiter says, ‘I want this guy here even though he’s a credit card processor. He always brings in new customers.’ By the way, we also get to taste some of his great wines that he graciously brings in and shares with us.

French Restaurant Owner, Beverly Hills, CA

John spends so much time in my grooming place it is easy to see how much he really misses his golden retriever of 14 years. He really cares for pets; I hope he finds his soul mate again. He’s a wonderful partner to have, he cares about the pets I service as well is my business needs. He is no contract policy doesn’t hurt either

Pet Grooming Shop, Camarillo, CA

John has such a great personality and is always so positive when he comes into our office. He just makes everyone feel so great even our patients in the waiting room. He’s a great defender who has become a better friend.

Plastic Surgery Office, Beverly Hills, CA

"Delivering value and developing strong referral relationships, not transactions, one client at a time."